Monday, February 18, 2013

The end of the trail....

We have been here in DC since Friday afternoon.  It has all been such a whirl!  Our apartment is a nice one.  It has lots of windows that face west.  So there is lots of natural light.  We moved most every thing in on Friday afternoon.  Saturday we had lunch with our mission president.  It was a nice lunch, and nice to meet them.  We also had to get some groceries.  We went to the closest market which was Safeway.  It was a lot pricier than Walmart.  On Saturday also we found a Walmart about 10 miles away.  Boy, was it crowded!  Everyone was speaking different languages and I felt I was on another planet.  We will have to find a better place to shop.  That Walmart didn't have very many groceries at all.  I did get sheets and a spread that are more to my tastes.  I felt like I was living in someone else's home and they weren't here.  It felt strange. The hall to the apartment looks like a really old big motel with nothing but doors every apartment.  It is cold and strange, but our apartment is bright and good.  We can hear too much at all about what is going on down the way or in other apartments.  I am surprised at how quiet it really is.

Yesterday we went to our new ward.  It is in a very brand new building almost in downtown DC.  We are assigned to a Spanish branch.  And..Wow...was I in for a culture shock.  It was all totally Spanish!  I couldn't understand a word that was said.  I felt like an alien!  The branch president invited us up to give a testimony, and I wanted to hide under the seats!  I didn't even know that was what he wanted us to do!  Creig did so we went up.  They ask someone to translate for us.  The branch is small, but the faces seem so kind.  The sisters welcomed me with hugs.  I was so overwhelmed!  I hope I can do this.  I want to get to know the sisters and work with them and serve them...I just hope I can do this.  It is what I want to do so badly.  I hope the Lord will bless me in my desires in this.

I have slept a lot today.  I feel so tired.  And I feel homesick some.  This is all so very new.  When we got here on Friday, I told Creig...."well, vacation is over, time to go home!"... But slowly this will become our home also.  I don't really know what I expected....but  it is surely different.

On Friday on our way from Richmond, we stopped in Petersburg, VA.  It was where the last few days of the Civil War was fought.  We stopped and saw what is left of the defenses that the Southerners built to try and save Petersburg and Richmond.  My Granddaddy, John Mahaffey, was here those final days.  We talked with one of the park officials and he used a map to show where everything happened.  The 11th Alabama was at Five Forks battle.  We went there and took some pics...but I lost them on my camera :(  But it is pretty much as it was then.  And not too far away was the Battle at Sailors Creek and John Mahaffey was there also.  They built up nearly 45 miles of barriers.  Some you can still see the remains of.  Anyway, that was a real treat for me. They told us that at Appomattox they have a list of all the soldiers that were taken prisoners of war that day and my John Mahaffey must be one there.  I would like to go there and see.

Today one of the couple missionaries are having us over for lunch.  It is a very pretty day today outside.  I can't wait to see when all the trees start coming out in bloom.  Well, that is about all there is for now.  I love all those that read this.  And I know there will be miracles on our path here in DC.

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