Saturday, March 2, 2013

Back a week

This is a post that I wrote when we were waiting on Internet service:

24 February 2013

We have been out of Internet this week.  We thought we had it all set up that we could use our cell phone as a “hot spot” and have our Internet…Well….we learned very quickly that it used up our speedy megs really fast.  The say “unlimited data”  but that is really slow after you use your allowed amount.  So, we have ordered Verizon triple-play where we will have Internet and phone and TV.  We won’t be using the TV much, but it was cheaper to get all three than just the Internet.  Don’t ask why…I don’t know.

This past week has been just wonderful.  The weather has been lousy, and cold and windy…but otherwise wonderful.  We have been out and learned where some stores are.  We have been told several different places to shop for food.  One was really discounted, but the choices were very limited.  Safeway was WAY too expensive, and one called Giant was fair.  However, we found a big Super Walmart and Sam’s together out of the hussle and bussle and it was just so wonderful to shop where we knew…Just call us dedicated Walmart shoppers!  We will go out there a couple of times a month.

I bought a plant to put in our apartment at Walmart…a big, big plant that was on super sale!  Then I got me a little beta fish in a very small aquarium.  She is blue with white on the tips of his fins.  Very pretty.  I call him Blue Boy.  So now I have a plant and a pet and I am set…this is home!

We have figured out doing our laundry over at the Temple missionaries’ apartment house across the street.  We also park our car there so we can see it out our window.

Elder Nelson went out on splits with the missionaries on Wednesday night.  I stayed here, and we both felt very uncomfortable about the situation.  I was here alone without a phone and he was driving where he wasn’t familiar.  So, we decided that from now on we will follow the council of our dear Stake President and stay together.  So when Elder Nelson goes I go also.  We talked about that with the missionaries and they are good with that.

Friday we went to a session at the Temple.  OH My…what a beautiful Temple!  The session was so small…only 5 women and 6 men.  But wonderful!  It is just so beautiful!

Saturday night we went over to the Visitors Center and heard a wonderful program sang by two choirs: the Mormon Choir of Washington DC and a Black Baptist Choir, and a soprano soloist.  It was fantastic! It was old black hymns.  Oh, it was music to my ears.  Very well done.  The soloist was just so very beautiful. She had such a range in her voice and such feelings in her songs.  I guess she say at one of the Balls at the Inaugural of President Obama.  Anyway, she sang beautifully.

Ok, now to today at Church…It was so very, very much better!  The people were friendly and happy to see us.  I had one of the missionaries translate for me at Sacrament Meeting.  In Sunday school it was harder…no translator.  But I could feel the compassion of the teacher.  We go to the Gospel Principles class and today the lesson was on why we need a Savior and the war in Heaven.  It was good.  Then in Relief Society a sister sat behind me and translated for me.  It was so kind of her.  The lesson was on parenting by L. Tom Perry from October conference.  I could feel for these sisters.  Most are single parents and struggling.  There are two sets of Elders in the Branch, and today one set taught Primary (They only have maybe 10 children), and the other set taught Young Women!  It is indeed a small branch.

But after the block meetings, there was a baptism!  A man that just joined the Church in October baptized his Mother!  And he is in a wheelchair.  It was just wonderful how the Elders held up the man’s hand and help the mother to go under the water.  She had to be dunked 3 times to get her all covered with water.  It was just real nice.  And after the baptism service they served a dinner.  We stayed and visited with everyone.  It was really nice.  The Elders are going to start a little Spanish class just for us on Saturday mornings for a little while.  They are the greatest Elders.

So we got home about 5:00 p.m.  It was such a good day.  We are very happy and loving it here.  Tomorrow we start at the Archives for our training there.  We have made our lunch and will be ready to go by 7:15 a.m.  Then we will begin our routine.  We are just so very grateful for this opportunity.  Oh…I forgot…on Saturday we also went to visit Elder Nelson’s sister Linda and her husband Terry.  It was just so good to see them.  They took us out for lunch and sent us home with some fruit and desert.  They live about 50 miles away.  On the way there our “Sister Garmin” took us right through downtown DC!  What a wild ride through all the narrow streets!  It was fun!  On the way home Elder Nelson figured out how to get home via the freeway…much, much faster…. 

So that is the update….we love you all, everyone!  And God bless you one and all!

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