Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Preparing to leave...

20 November 2012 ..  Tuesday,

Our Mission President, President Matsumori, called early this morning welcoming us to the mission!  He ask if we were driving out and we said we were.  He told us to take our time and be aware of the weather that time of year, and if there were any stops we wanted to make at relatives we could do so.  That was an answer to my prayers.  Now I know that we can take the southern route and visit my dear Aunt Kathryn, and make a stop or two in Texas.  He ask how Creig was with his Spanish.  He was wondering if we might like to work in a Spanish Branch on the weekends...Creig said we would be willing to do whatever he would like us to do.  So.....guess we start becoming a little more aware of Spanish.  I have always wanted to learn Spanish.  I have a Book of Mormon is Spanish...maybe we should start reading out of that. Creig hasn't spoken much, if any, Spanish since his mission to Peru/Ecuador a long time ago!  I am that this blog will be able to be our journal.  I am hoping there is a way to save and maybe print these blogs somehow.

Well, back to cleaning out closets and drawers! Onward!

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