Monday, November 26, 2012


We got a letter from the Mission Office today.  It told us about the things that will be in the apartment when we get there.  Pretty basic stuff.  But it is good to know what will be there.  We can send boxes by UPS before we leave and have them at the mission office when we arrive.  I think we will do our bedding, towels, stuff like that so it won't take up so much room in the car. We have decided to take our desktop computer with us.  Went out to do some shopping today, but came home and did Cyber Monday on the computer and got some good deals for me.  I found a good recipe box program to put my recipes in.  I need to find a good address book where I can keep email addresses and physical addresses.  The little Flip/Pal mobile scanner that I got is just super great. 

I think I am going to make me some simple all over aprons to wear where we work.  I have some I wear around here and I can just take a pattern off and make them very easily.  Maybe I will make 2 or 3.  If I don't wear them at work, I can always wear them at home.  I love aprons.  I also think I am going to try and fit my sewing machine in the car.  I need my sewing machine.

The thing I am finding the hardest to not take is my books.  How I love books!  Yes, I have a Nook, but I just love the feel and touch of the real thing in my hand as I read.  I have my scriptures on my IPod, but I have my physical ones also.  They are wore and marked, but I can't leave them behind.

Tomorrow...I clean out 1 closet!  Time is going so fast.  Can't put this stuff off much longer.  Also, have to put up the Christmas tree.  Oh My!

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