Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Down to the wire preparing....

Things are moving along with our preparation for our mission.  Only 7 days till we take off.  It is totally unbelievable.  The Sister missionaries that are here in our ward so just so wonderful.  They kept asking me..Please let us do some service for you.  So last week after we had pretty much finished cleaning out our kitchen cupboards and packing and giving away food, I had to swallow some pride and let the missionaries come and help me clean my cupboards and cabinets.  I went to get them, and let me tell you how much they worked.  Now, you know that cabinets and such can collect a lot of greasy dust, not to mention the tops of the cabinets!  My word!  I was embarrassed until I realized that I am mortal and not a perfect housekeeper and that is OK.  The 3 of us worked for over 3 hours.  Can you image the blessing I felt by their service to me?  It saved me so very much time!  Plus they were able to take home a lot of groceries which helps them.  The next day I conquered the refridgarator!  That is one of my top jobs jobs in the world that I hate to do!  I took me most of the day, but I washed every square inch of that fridge and freezer.  It is a one man job, and I got through it by listening to the oldie goldies on Pandora.  Then we cleaned out the laundry room.  Not so bad.  But by Saturday night, we were finished!  We saved this week to do our little things that need to be our talks for Sunday:), and packing the boxes we are going to ship on Monday.

Jaden decided to go and move in with Chad and his family.  He is really being blessed ... I see it in his eyes.  Little Mackayah just has attached herself to Jaden.  It makes Jaden feel so good.  But it has been hard on this Momma.  Letting the apron strings go.  I want to call everyday and see how he is doing.  But I have controlled myself - only every 2 days:)   It is an exercise in turning things over to our Loving Heavenly Father.  I feel such a peace about things when I make myself think about the "letting go" instead of giving the anxiety control.

We had another miracle happen last week that, again, shows the Lord's hands in our preparation  for this mission.  We thought we had paid all that was needed to get Jaden's guardianship done.  But a bill came in the mail for over $400 we still owed.  We thought, Ok, how are we going to get this paid?  The very next day a check came in the mail for an overpayment when we paid off our car....guess the amount?  The exact amount we needed to pay the attorney.  Amazing.

Creig and I have been reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish each morning.  He reads a verse in Spanish then I read it in English.  It has been such a powerful experience.  The Spanish language is so beautiful!  I am learning words and doing well.  Yesterday we were reading about Nephi's vision.  It was so powerful and spiritual.  It had us in tears.  Then Chad called and told us how he had taken his kids and had a very heart to heart talk to them about Jaden's abilities and disabilities.  Weston had done some pretty mean things to Jaden when he is with his non-member friend.  Jaden is taking it stride.  Anyway I felt the Spirit so much from talking to him and his commitment to Jaden.  Such a wonderful experience spiritually on how much the Lord loves us.  It was like a moment of partaking of the fruit of the Tree of Life.  Later that night, I lay awake (I have not been able to sleep very much lately because I can't shut my mind off!)... so I lay there and thought about how and why Nephi got to see the vision that his father had seen.  I thought to myself, do I have the faith of Nephi to ask for a vision?  But then I suddenly got such a warm feeling all over me.  It said to me that I don't need to have a vision.  I have Nephi's vision to read and believe.  I know that the fruit of the Tree of Life is God's love.  I feel it inside so strongly.  Nephi had to have the vision to write it down so that I could believe his words.  It took the faith of both me and Nephi to get that confirmation.  I know that this is the Lord's Church and His way to Eternal Life.  I have no doubt in my mind at all.  I am so very very blessed to have this testimony.

Well, I guess I had better get started on that talk for Sunday. (Oh, man, do I hate to give talks! One of those top 5 things I just hate to do.)  But onward and upward....It must be done.  My topic is how family history and missionary work  go hand in hand.  I just absolutely love family history.  So.......I best get busy.

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