Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Well the New Year is here! Time is getting close for us to leave.  We had two phone calls from our Mission President yesterday.  He says they are real excited to get us back there.  He has decided to put us in a Spanish Ward for our Sunday assignment.  We will live only about a mile from the Temple in a nice 2 bedroom apartment.  So we won't be in Lanham, we will be in Kenningston, MD.  We are just VERY excited.  We started the Book of Mormon in Spanish this morning.

We are going to ask our Stake President if we can get set apart early and go down to see my brother in Vegas and my Aunt in So. California before we go into the MTC.  Then we will head directly east from the MTC.  It will save 4-5 days travel.  So we will see if that can happen.  That means we would leave on the 23rd of this month.

I couldn't help myself today...I called to see how our dogs were doing.  They are doing just great!  They took them out to the Craters of the Moon and let them run around and they were so happy.  Tori is trying to teach Scooter how to use the doggy door...she will go in and out, in and out to try and get Scooter to do it...but he won't go through it by himself.  He has to have the flap lifted for him!  Sounds like him!  He doesn't like the cold weather anyway.  But I am so glad they are so happy and made the adjustment so well.  It will be like that for Jaden and everyone here at home also.  The Lord's hand is in this.  Sometimes Creig and I get really nervous...but we know this is the right thing to do.  It will be a wonderful thing in our life.

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