Wednesday, January 23, 2013

On The Road...

St. George, Utah....Well....we are missionaries for our Lord, Jesus Christ!  We packed everything up yesterday, and got it all fit into the car.  We then had a wonderful dinner with all our family at Chuck-a-Rama.  It was so fun!  It was Chinese night, and everyone was trying to eat with chopsticks!  They were eating everything, even ice cubes! 

Then we went to the Stake building.  President Jacobsen set Creig and I apart for our mission. Oh, what beautiful blessings!  I don't know how to put into words the feeling in the room.  How do you put into words when the Spirit is so strong?  I could feel the calling settling into my soul.  It was all that I had thought in my mind about becoming a full-time missionary would be. The thought of my Savior has been constantly on my mind.  He is always on my mind.  I have watched the full-time missionaries, and see in their eyes the Lord...the complete desire to serve.  That is how I feel. 

We then said our good-bys to our precious family.  How do you say good-bye for two years?  My grandkids wrote me such sweet notes.  I am going to scan them into my journal for keeps.  The girls just kept hugging me over and over again.  The hugs were so warm to my soul.  I just couldn't get enough hugs.  But then all too soon it came to an end.  They went home.  Then it was just Elder Nelson and myself.

We woke up early...about 5:00 a.m....waited until 5:30 and got up and got ready to hit the road.  We were off by 8:30.  The trip was good today.  We stopped in SLC and got our cell phone connected to our car.  Now we just use hands free calling.  Really uptown, huh?? 

It seems weird that all we own now is in our car.  Our life, all in the car.  But it seems so right and so blessed.  And of course each other.  We were told to stay within sight of each other at all times.  So it has been today.  Such a wonderful companion!

Well, tomorrow we will see my brother Bill in Vegas.  He is taking us out to a buffet.  Then on down to my Aunt Kathryn's place.  Now to bed for a good sleep.  I was blessed to be able to sleep, which is something I have had trouble with lately.

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