Sunday, January 27, 2013


We got into Provo about 1:00 p.m. today.  We checked into the MTC and got our badges!  They are housing the Senior Couples at the Marriott.  So we have a really nice room.  We will drive back and forth to the MTC.  We got all unpacked, and went to dinner at the MTC.  We went to the fireside tonight.  It was really good about how to judge success on your mission.  Success is a gift from Heavenly Father.  We should think that we deserve it or that we merit it.  We have to totally desire to serve the Lord and let things happen according the the will of the Lord, and be thankful to observe the miracles.

We got here at a good time because about 3 hours after we got here the snow came.  We were blessed to have left early, and not have to drive from Idaho to here during this storm.   So many miracles.  Coming back from Corona to St. George yesterday, we stopped at an outlet mall and got some shirts for Creig.  That little bit of time we spent there put us behind quite a big rainstorm that went through the canyons we had to pass through.

The visit with my Aunt Kathryn was really, really great.  We sat and talked about family history and she showed me some pictures that she had from the Godsey and Kelley families.  Some I had never seen before.  She said she would copy them for me and send them to me.  Then she showed me her mother's Bible.  It is so very old.  It was such an honor just to touch it and know that my grandmother had held it in her hands and turned the pages.  Then Aunt Kathryn gave me that Bible!  Oh Golly, what a gift!  Oh Wow!  I am so truly blessed!

We went to where I lived when I went to high school there in Corona.  I did remember that we lived on Penrose Drive.  Of course the apartments are all run down now, but I was able to remember which one we lived in.  They were new when we lived there.  We drove by Corona High School where I graduated.  It is so very different built up and big.  It was nice to go and see where so many memories were made.  Of course Corona itself is so big and grown up that I couldn't even recognize it.  All the orange groves are gone now and built into houses and businesses.

On the morning we left, I gave Aunt Kathryn a Book of Mormon and talked to here about the book.  She listened nicely.  I guess I had sent one years ago (I had forgotten), but maybe she will read a little of it now.  I was very, very nervous to do that.  But I did bear my testimony of the truthfulness of the Gospel and how good the Lord has been to his people everywhere.

We will get our schedule tomorrow and find our how our days will go....It is just so wonderful!

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