Sunday, March 17, 2013

Week 5..

Well, we were basically on our own this week at the Archives.  The Dickey's came in and out to help answer our questions.  We did fairly well.  We did over 5400 images of documents that we sent into SLC.  We enjoy this job very, very much.  It is still amazing to think of being downtown Washington DC everyday.  We pass the Capital Bldg. each morning.  We are only maybe 3-4 blocks from the Capital.

We had some fun times with some of the senior couples this week.  We learned a really fun card game at the Dickey's on Friday night.  It is a game that Bro. Dickey's brother created.  They gave us a deck of the game.  I can't wait to share it with our family.  The grandkids will love it for sure.

I have been homesick this week.  I think it is because it is Cambreea's birthday Tuesday, and I can't take her to lunch and shopping.  I am thinking of you Cambreea on your very important 12th birthday.  The weather isn't warming up either and that is a bummer.  It looks like it won't really warm up until Conference weekend.  Even Idaho Falls is warmer than here today!  We are only 39 degrees warm!

Elder Nelson and I are struggling with the Spanish language.  It is really hard.  I don't know if we are going to make it or not.  I would like to hope we can, but in reality....I don't know.  But struggling eventually leads to growth, doesn't it?  We will give it awhile longer.  It is hard to be in Church for three hours and not understand what is going on.  Elder Nelson is only at about 40% of understanding, and me still at 2% stretching it!  You just feel so helpless.  The Branch members are really nice and friendly.  I guess I was expecting a miracle.

We are having the missionaries (4) over to dinner today.  There are transfers this week and maybe a couple of our missionaries will be transferred.  I think we will make this a regular on the week of transfer...dinner with them.

The dinner with the missionaries was wonderful.  They also want to include us more in helping the Branch become a ward.  They are going to suggest a bulletin board with some pictures and events.  They ask if we would help do that...Yes, we would Love to......

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