Sunday, March 24, 2013


Hello everyone!  I would like to thank you so much for your prayers on our behalf...It is helping so much.

We worked almost 80 hours (together) last week at the Archives.  We took nearly 5200 photos.  It was a good week.  I can now make it up the 18 floors stairs...I do it in the morning and then after lunch.  It is hard, but I will get better at it.  The days go very fast.  We are in desperate need of 2 more missionary couples to work cameras in the Archives.  It is easy and the days go fast...Please consider a mission to here.  If you are at all interested, I can tell you who to contact in SLC.

My Spanish is coming along.  I need to study more and it would be much better.  The days just don't have enough hours.  But I did get my name tag in Spanish.  It was so exciting.  Today in the branch missionary meeting, the Branch Pres. ask if I would work with a Sister to create a bulletin board in the hallway by the office.  I said , Sure!...So I will work on that.  I am understanding more each Sunday.  I catch words here and words there and then I have to remember what they mean and put them in context.  It is slow, but a little everyday. The sisters here are so accepting of me and so willing to help me.  They greet me with a kiss on the cheek each week.  It is so wonderful to be here.  I am so blessed.

It is still freezing here...It is to snow tonight and in the morning...burrrrrrrrrrrr....  However, I will tell you that I have never seen so very many daffodils.  They are just everywhere!  So many and so beautiful.  I guess people plant a lot of the because the deer don't like them.  But they are along the freeway and everywhere.  The grass is beginning to green up.  So soon it will be spring. 

So this week, let us ponder on the resurrection of our Lord and Savior.  What a gift He gave to us just because of His wondrous love for us His brothers and sisters.  How can we show our appreciation to Him?  Can we give a prayer of thanks, help a neighbor, share the Gospel, and love each other.  What else can we do?  Think on it this week.  We are so very, very blessed to have the Gospel in our lives. 

I love you all...each and everyone one of you! 

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