Sunday, March 31, 2013

Week 7....

What a week this has been.  First off, we woke up to a white Monday morning.  It was more snow than on the day they cancelled everything in DC.  We decided to take the Metro in to work instead of traveling on the freeway with the snow.  It was our first time on the Metro. 
It was an amazing experience....We went to get the Metro down this amazing tunnel on a VERY long was so long and so steep that it messed up your balance at first. It was like going to the end of nowhere...But we made it in to DC and did our work.

By Friday it was like this outside of the Archives.....

There have been a lot of people in DC this week.  I have felt bad for them because the weather has been so lousy and cool and the cherry blossoms are not out yet.  I guess the cherry blossoms are very late this year.  They are having the festival...but without the cherry blossoms....weird.

We made a big mistake at the Archives this week.  We have been picturing a lot of documents.  At the camera one day, I found a document that needed to be sent down to conservation to be unglued.  So I put a place marker to take the picture of the document when it came back from conservation.  Well, we forgot about it.  Creig got the group of images that we needed to send to SLC on Friday on the hard drive shuttle and took it down to the mailroom.  About 3:45, it came to me about the missing document because conservation had brought it back in the afternoon.  So we were about to leave and take care of it after SLC sent it back to us...but then the couple in same room as we are suggested that Creig run down to the mail room and get the package and add the missing image.  So that is what we did.  We were too late to catch the 4:00 shuttle bus, so we waited for the 5:00 shuttle bus to get home.  That is when I snapped these pictures while we were out waiting for the shuttle bus.

We went to the $ store and I got some big plastic Easter eggs to fill up for our 4 Elders.  It was fun...I put in a matchbox truck for each one and some water balloons and lots of candy.  They loved it!

On Saturday we drove out the Creig's sister's place in Virginia.  She moved last week from Maryland to Virginia across the Potomac.  It took us 2 hours to get there.  I just love her place.  They are renting it.  They plan to be here for the next 4 years.  But it is just so lovely out in the rural Virginia. It is just a very lovely home.  It has a wonderful deck in the back and a nice fenced yard with so many trees.  Just like my dream house....really.  I could really live in Virginia.  It is so beautiful.  Linda told us next time to bring our overnight bags and stay the night.  We will just do that.  Creig's brother, Dale's son Greg was there with his young family.  They live in Waldorf MD, about an hour closer to Linda than we are.  We had not seen them in several years.  It was nice to visit.

Today at Church there were so many new investigators.  There was a couple that found the Church on and ask for the missionaries.  They were really excited to be there.  There was a young man who is the cousin of a young man that was baptized in November.  This young man was made a ward missionary today and is preparing to go on a mission as soon as he has been a member for a year in November.  He is awesome!  The cousin he brought is very interested in the Gospel also.  And there was another couple also.  There was a man who had been a Bishop in Chili for 12 years and he had been looking for the Church for several weeks and finally found the meetinghouse.  It was great.  This little Branch is working to become a ward and the Lord is just sending the people to make it happen.  It is amazing.

We had dinner with the Anderson's , the couple missionaries that we carpool with to the Archives, and we had two of our Branch missionaries with us because they didn't have a place to eat for Easter dinner.  It was great.  They had a little old man that is in his upper 80s come and eat and also a ward member that has just been baptized 3 months.  She is from Cameron Africa.  Her four children are still over there.  Some many come here first and then try and save the money to bring the rest of their family here.  She is a very nice person.  There was also a pair of senior sister missionaries also.

So it was a busy week.  I really hope that the weather improves soon.  But we are happy and healthy and doing very well.  Thank you for your prayers.

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