Friday, December 14, 2012


This week has been wild.  Finally got through our bedroom!  Whew!  Looks bare.  I washed all my doilies and things like that.  I am going to take them with me.  So many of them were made by my Mother and Grandmother.  I need a little of "home".  Starting into Jaden's bathroom today.  Oh My!  We also wanted to have the office room done this week...but didn't happen.  So next week will be the office room and Jaden's bedroom.  I want to do Jaden's bedroom while he is still in I can dump more stuff.

I went to my last Republican Central Committee meeting last night.  I got someone to take my place as Precinct Committeeman.  Last night was a VERY interesting debate on the Gov. wishy washy give into the state run health care exchanges.  He is in big trouble for giving in.  The debate last night and the resollution that came from it was firm in the statement that we do Not want exchanges set up in Idaho.  Some say that it is better to go along to get along and have some say in the exchanges instead of leaving it up to the Feds.  But, what if George Washington at this time of year in the Revolutionary War would have given up?  There has to be a line drawn where we stay in control of our states' rights.  Anyway, it will be up to the legislature this spring to stop Gov Otter.  I hope they listen to the people.  Oh well...I passed the torch.  I made my statement on the issue, and now I turn to our work for the Lord.  That is our whole focus at this time in our lives.

We have meetings about Jaden's guardianship this week also.  I hope our attorney can get the hearing set to happen before we leave in 6 weeks.  Jaden is good with the idea.  He met with his own attorney on Wednesday.  He is going to be OK.  Hard week at school for him, but still not as bad as past years.  So, things are improving.  I love Jaden so very, very much.  He is an amazing person.  He has been setting up for basketball games and filming the girl's games.  He really enjoys that and feels a part of something, and he does an excellent job at the recordings also. to the "?" bathroom......:)

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