Friday, December 21, 2012


Well, here it is Friday again....where do the weeks go?   They fly away as fast as the Idaho wind.  We did get the office/sewing room cleaned out.  boy what a job packing all my sewing stuff and genealogy.  Then we conquered Jaden's room, and I literately mean conquered.  What  a mess in a teen-ager's room plus his unorganized brain = a mess!  But we got it done.  This afternoon we will take and move some stuff to the storage unit and get Jaden moved into the smaller room.  I need to clean the carpets in both rooms.  Then we will relax for a few days and enjoy Christmas. Then we will start on the downstairs.  The upstairs is pretty much done.

Jaden had a meltdown at school yesterday.  Oh! How I wish we could get it into his brain to stay away from the kids that mistreat him.  He just doesn't get it.  Five more months and he will be out of school.  We pray daily for him to stay away from those mean kids...but it just doesn't sink into him. Bless his heart anyway.  He is so innocent is hard to watch.

We are working with some ladies to try and find a good home for our dogs.  Oh man, how we love those 2 dogs!  I pray we will find a loving home that will take both of them.  It will be better than having to get used to the craziness of Chad's family.  They are going to have a big adjustment just with Jaden. And they aren't willing to leave behind their cat that pees on everything and a huge dog that doesn't have any manners.  So Creig and I just decided to take care of our stuff and our dogs and just turn around a walk away from it all.  We don't want hard feelings with Chad and his family.  And besides....this is just stuff.  It isn't eternal.  We will be on the Lord's errand and He will bless us and our family.   I know we are suppose to go on this mission, I know that.  But I didn't realize how much Satan would try and get us to do otherwise.  But we are strong with each other and pray a lot together.  The Lord will bless us.

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