Friday, December 7, 2012


Still working on our bedroom. Piles of stuff everywhere!  So much to do...However, we heard today from the Mission office where we will be living.  It will be in the Carlton East Apartments in Lanham, MD.  From the map, it looks to be just outside the beltway.  Here is the website that we found about the apartments...   . They look pretty nice.  He said we will have a 1 bedroom or a 1 bedroom with a den.  He ask if we would expect company...I don't think many....Chad and Desiree want to come out, but can't think of anyone else.  He said we would be in an English speaking ward. So that answers the Spanish question.  We think we will still brush up on our Spanish.  Maybe for our next mission.

I will have the girls over tonight.  We will make some Holiday Hash and watch some movies.  I may just use them to help me go through some closets.  I went out to lunch today with my best friend, Lidia.  We had such a good time.  I am going to really miss that woman!  We have such a good time together.  She is truly a kindred spirit.

Today is Pearl Harbor Day.  Oh how I remember this day every year.  My father was there in the Navy the day the Japanese bombed.  That day was, excuse the language, but hell growing up.  Such flashbacks, and nightmares he would have and drink on top of it all.  It was a horrible, horrible day! Not too many people even remember the day anymore.  71 years ago.  My, my....

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